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Established in 2024 by MaTia Hughes because she wanted a club for players and coaches to work together to create college-ready athletes. As the owner and operator of this volleyball club, MaTia, along with a group of the best-handpicked trainers, provides cutting-edge training to each and every participant who attends our sessions. All of our trainers, most have played at the collegiate level, have trained players at high school and college levels, which gives them the unique ability to guide the most advanced athlete or someone just starting.


Our mission is to produce technically skilled volleyball players who aspire to compete at the highest possible level. We inspire to cultivate a strong work ethic, a passion for competition, and a commitment to team culture to enable players to fulfill their potential.


At ATL Storm, our main focus is player development. We want to bring out the best in every player that enters our gym. We want to build a family with a unified goal of supporting one another while striving to meet our goals. We believe that a player's mentality toward herself and others, discipline on and off the court, resilience in the face of adversity,  and resolve to reach her goals as an athlete are paramount to each player's success.

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